Knack Coworking was founded on our commitment to shatter the statistic that only 2% of women-owned businesses ever reach the $1 million revenue milestone.

This is our rallying cry.

As business owners looking for a home for our rapidly growing marketing agency in a highly competitive real estate market, we were wooed by the promise of coworking. Beautiful interiors, flexible lease terms, mail services and coffee on demand—every resource a growing business might need, right?

However, once we moved into our first coworking space and began to experience issues with our wireless connection, we were surprised to learn that there were no onsite IT services to provide the immediate and critical support we needed.

As we began to peel back the veneer of this beautiful space and conduct additional research on coworking options in the area, we realized that very few, if any, of these spaces offer the type of services which are essential to deliver on their promise to help businesses like ours grow.

We discovered that most coworking spaces are owned and run by property management companies, making them not much more than well-appointed office spaces within a micro-leasing business model.

While that might be a big step in the right direction for many, it didn’t help us solve for our business challenges. We, like so many others, started a business based on our discipline expertise, while we gained the mastery and skills of running a business as we grew. At these key growth moments, we sought professional resources and advice.

In some cases, these resources came from our own networks, but more often, it wasn’t clear which professionals we should partner with, what questions we should be asking, and how each resource would fit into the bigger picture. Simply being able to identify trusted advisors is a luxury for many underrepresented entrepreneurs—and something that many well-connected and well-represented entrepreneurs often take for granted.

Although it’s less flashy, what entrepreneurs really need in the early days is access to practical resources and advice from experts in their field. Looking back, we could have accelerated our business growth if we’d had early access to resources like strategic legal advice, HR and recruiting services, IT help when it really mattered, and guidance from people who had built out a business roadmap before. These feel like basic resources that every entrepreneur should be able to access. Unfortunately, in our world, this type of access is much more available for some.

Ultimately, in dealing with our own roadblocks and delays, it finally became clear that the only way we would get what we really needed was by creating it ourselves. And the vision for Knack Coworking was sparked.

Coworking Reimagined

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners have a variety of coworking options today. Many spaces cater to a specific audience in their mission, and women-focused options in particular have cropped up across the country.

While adorning a coworking space with feminine touches and a nursing room is a nice idea, we have to try harder if we want to foster success and truly change the nature of work to be inclusive and representative of all.

As most are aware, opportunity gaps and varying degrees of access to resources for members of underrepresented communities in the business world are an ongoing issue. This includes access to funding, mentorship, supportive professional communities, operational resources, and so much more. We can begin to fill these gaps by reimagining coworking to include business-critical services and advisors in legal, finance, recruiting, IT, and marketing, to name a few, in addition to inspiring office spaces and like-minded community.

Enter Knack Coworking, an all-inclusive workspace focused on women and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs—and our allies. We’re here to crush the 2% statistic by creating a professional space that provides critical business services, programming, and expert advisers who have a knack for influencing our members’ business growth.

So, come on. Let’s get to work.

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Catherine Bye

Founder, CEO

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Mariah Lincoln

Founder, COO